Hybrid Working

September 20, 2022

One of the hottest topics and business questions since the onset of the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown (March 2022) has been what will become of the workplace?

Leading office occupiers are now looking at their property needs in a different way – as opposed to the traditional projections around future growth and the need for extra real estate sq. ft. to support growth are now focused around ‘better quality space’ and how those spaces can support getting employees back into the workplace (specifically aligned to generating higher levels of collaboration, supporting their own networks, along with team learning, social and connection to the business and brand) in addition helping the employer attract and retain top talent.

Additionally, as may clients are locked into long leases, relocation isn’t a practical option – therefore a need is created to re-engineer spaces to help make their offices a ‘destination’ and create an environment that offers ‘choice’ in terms of various spaces and facilities that are conducive with the specific tasks (ranging from teams – zoom calls, individual concentration, small to larger collaboration activities, refreshing and re-energizing spaces etc)

Key considerations include:

  • Impressive reception – welcome space
  • Informal – alternative workspaces (and breakout settings)
  • Café
  • Quiet booths and pods (for concentration-based tasks)
  • Natural light
  • Mixture of formal and informal meeting spaces
  • Reliable and extremely fast internet connectivity
  • Planting and Biophilia
  • More domestic look/feel (holistic environment)

FORMM – have a team dedicated to helping our clients design and deliver these spaces aligned to the new work protocols.