Supporting Leeds Building Society

September 22, 2022

Leeds Building Society are currently engaged in a high value plus refurbishment of a large 1st and 2nd floor derelict office space above branch in Peterborough (building owned by Leeds Building Society). The idea was to provide individual living spaces of temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees and then hand the building over to be managed by a homeless charity at a later date. Formm have supported Leeds Building Society by invitation with the following works so far.

  • Demolition and disposal of existing walls-door-frames-glazed screens.
  • Construction of new 60m fire and sound rated walls including supply and installation of 60m fire door sets (frames-doors-architrave) throughout.
  • Supply and installation of new windows throughout the building to meet local sound insulation requirements.

In support of this chartable and benevolent project – FORMM are delivering our entire scope of works on a non-profit basis.